Here are some direct jumps or links to photographs I've worked on. Click on the image to bring up the page and scroll down to see this entire selection if necessary.

John's Follies – 7min 58sec
Summer Morning – Two girls share a morning adventure near their home exploring a cave. 2min 37sec
Northern Michigan Shores – Photography in villages and along the shores of northern Michigan. 4min
Highlights from 30 years at National Geographic – Multimedia presentation, all shot with Nikon cameras. 7min 45sec
Aurora in Winter – Aurora, West Virginia in Winter. Stills and video with Lumix GF1. 3min 42sec
Welcome to New Orleans – Stills and videos shot with Lumix LX3. 3min 51sec
Bruce Dale's American Southwest – Shot with Lumix LX3 3min 48sec
A discussion of this winter view through the frosted window of John Wesley Powell's bedroom.
Here's an interesting comparison of the exact same scene at the exact same moment shot from opposite directions.
Published National Geographic work
Published books and special projects
Some of my advertising and corporate photographs
Panorama Tutorial
A guide to helping you make your own digital panoramas
Mr. Eaves and His Magic Camera
It's an honor to have one of your photographs selected to be on a postage stamp.
This page includes an animated view showing 20 layers of an image produced for Shell Oil Company.
Here are some photographs taken by participants of my Pecos 2000 workshop.
A collection of 122 road pictures. Primarily here as part of a stock collection. Skip this unless you have a special interest in roads.