photo by Stephen Brown, birdhouses by Jeff Dale

With over two thousand photographs published by National Geographic, Bruce Dale's vision and creativity twice earned him the title "Magazine Photographer of the Year." In 1989 he was named "White House Photographer of the Year" and more recently, his innovative work with digital imaging brought him honors from the Smithsonian Institution. In addition to many other awards, one of his photographs now journeys beyond the solar system on board NASA's Voyager Spacecraft, as testimony about planet Earth.

Dale has photographed in over 75 countries throughout the world including 10 trips to China. His work ranges from sensitive people studies such as his books on Gypsies and American Mountain People, to his highly technical work such as working with pulsed laser photography to help produce a hologram of an exploding crystal ball for the Geographic's 100th Anniversary cover.

One of his more memorable photos involved mounting two cameras on the tail of a Lockheed TriStar jumbo jet to make spectacular views of the big jet in flight. One, a 23 second time exposure, led to a three page gatefold in the Geographic—the other a cover on the magazine.

He considers his favorite images are those serendipitous moments totally alien to the well planned picture. "I actually plan on the unplanned picture in an attempt to capture the spontaneity and mood of the moment."

Dale left National Geographic to pursue a blend of editorial and corporate and advertising photography. His book, The American Southwest, was published by National Geographic in January of 1999.

From high tech to board room portraits, Bruce brings his patience, problem solving ability, and experience in working with "real people" to good use in making images come to life. Corporate and advertising clients since leaving the Geographic include: Acura, Allstate, American Airlines, Caterpillar, Epson America, Getty Foundation, Harriet & Henderson, Mack Truck, Nikon, Matsushita Industries, Quintile Corporation, Shell Oil, Southwest Airlines, Southwest Parks, The Tropical Forest Foundation, Trammel Crow, and Willis & Geiger.